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Paul, the youngest of five, was born in Maple Heights, Ohio to his parents, Patricia Ann and Walter William Tuennerman. Shortly after his birth, Paul’s family moved into an unassuming house on 55th Street North in St. Petersburg, Florida.


The death of Paul’s two older brothers and other factors contributed to the separation of Patricia and Walter, just as Paul entered Elementary School. Shortly after that, Paul’s father lost his battle with cancer, and his mother committed suicide.


While Paul's childhood is marked by adversity, including a period during which he lived on the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he attributes his ability to endure and overcome these opportunities, to his success in the business arena and proficiency as a leader.


Following his graduation from High School, Paul joined the United States Navy, where he served four deployments to the western Pacific and Indian Oceans, followed by two years of service at the Naval Training Center in San Diego California.


It was in San Diego that Paul met his mentor, Commander John G. Neeb. Together, Paul and John received numerous accolades for their work in Supply Chain Management, including several scholarships, a Marine Corps Navy Achievement Medal, and a Presidential Citation from then President, Ronald W. Reagan.


In 1986, not only did Paul embrace his transition from the military to the private sector, but became a father to his daughter Rebecca.

Paul Tuennerman and his Godson Paolo Sunyak






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